I’m not the superstitious type, but I’ve had a handful of instances now that I’ve been thinking of like this: “dance as premonition.” By this I mean dances I’ve made that have articulated feelings or beliefs of mine before I’ve articulated them into words. I didn’t set out to make dances about these particular subjects, or […]


Here is a compilation of clips collected from our rehearsal on July 14. We’ll be returning to this material in our rehearsal tonight, and digging further into the relationship between text and movement, and the phrasing of each. I’m particular interested in the duet with Joda and Savannah that starts off as incoherent, and moves […]

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Part of my desire to do an independent study this summer was to examine and evaluate my methods of writing text. It’s always been a very intuitive process for me, but through this rehearsal period, I’ve discovered some values: I like a mix of poetic and practical language. If the language is headed more toward […]


We did a lot on July 9. This actually isn’t even all of it! But, what I’m showing in the video is some more development of the chair material created by Emma and Joda, Joda’s solo in front of chairs scooting backwards (they make a great sound), and Rachel’s solo against a partial mirror by […]

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Last week, I participated in the Taking Place residency here in Columbus. Organized by soon-to-be MFA candidate and Columbus dancer/choreographer/mover & shaker Nicole Garlando, the festival brought together five artists for a two-week period to develop new work on local dancers. The choreographers: KJ Holmes (NYC), Peter Kyle (NYC), Coco Loupe (Baton Rouge), Bebe Miller […]


Emma and Joda both developed solo material based on two familiar themes: Emma took “buddy comedy,” and Joda took “star-crossed lovers story.” (You can see their solos as solos here.) Shortly after they created the material, I had Emma find moments to take herself off the vertical and suspend certain material. Joda played with timing […]


This evening, we developed endings to dances, and talked about the kinds of endings you can make in dance that you can’t make in film or books. And movie or book endings that we don’t often see in dance. Here is a tiny video of the dancers working on making endings: We made a […]


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