In much of my past choreographic work, I’ve explored strategies for audience participation out of an interest in blurring the lines between discrete groups or events, looking for commonality between spectator and performer, process and product, maker and consumer. Finding the common ground, for me, has frequently come from placing physical experience at the center, […]


I’m working on a solo called Virginia that will appear in the Winter Concert in the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University in February. The work developed out of a series of assignments in my graduate composition course this fall, beginning with Susan Petry’s “density” study assignment. Susan Rethorst, a visiting artist in […]

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For our first group assignment in Intermedia, we made a self-portrait of a member of our lab group. My group includes me, and first year MFA students John Luna and Anna Massey. We chose to make a portrait of Anna. After asking Anna just a few basic questions about her life and how she felt about […]


I’m taking Susan Petry’s portion of our autumn graduate composition course right now (Susan Rethorst arrives on September 23rd) and we showed our final draft of our first studies today. We began last week by creating four movements (that’s a loose term) and then inserting four more, and then inserting eight more into that. We […]


We’ve been in school for two weeks now at OSU, and I’m finding the second year of the MFA program to be wildly different from the first. Namely, I know people here now, and I know what the arc of a semester and year is like, so I can actually focus on learning and deepening […]

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In OSU’s MFA dance program, we complete three Comprehensive Examination questions as part of our MFA requirements. The first two questions are administered during the summer (one after first year, and one after second year), and the third is a synthesis of the MFA project, which is completed during our final year. Yesterday, I turned mine […]


I wrapped up rehearsals for my independent study in choreography last week, and I’ve been writing quite a bit about what I learned from the process. It was incredibly useful, with one year down in my MFA program, to have the time in the studio with a wonderful group of collaborators who helped me clarify […]


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