Monthly Archives: October 2013

Process: a new duet!

Last week, I started a new duet on dance majors Daniel Diller (junior) and Kat Sauma (senior). I met both of them at Bates Dance Festival in 2012, and I’m really happy now to dance alongside them in OSU’s dance department. I began the rehearsal by teaching them some phrase material that I pulled from […]

Grad school words

These words are certainly not exclusive to a graduate program in dance, but they do come up a lot in my readings and class discussions. I asked some of the other MFA candidates at OSU to share with me their favorite “grad school words,” and this is the list we generated. Although I certainly do […]

Comp study #3: Final

The final for Bebe’s weight studies class was about incorporating what we’d learned from the class into one final work. So, I decided that I would completely abandon my old ways of working, and just try to work in the new ways I’d learned from class, the most exciting of which was this way of […]

Comp study #2: drive (final)

In late September, I showed this draft of my “drive” study during Bebe’s Weight Studies class. This study represents more of what I am calling an “attitudinal drive”, meaning that the desire to “go go go” is present, even when the “go go go” itself is not. This might be grad school nonsense, but I’m […]

Process: what happens after rehearsal

There’s the process. Then there is all the stuff that happens around and next to and before and after the process, all of which contributes heavily to what happens in the time allotted for rehearsal or class. I love that. After rehearsal last week, freshman Tommy Batchelor and 1st MFA Brandon Whited gave Bebe Miller […]

Back to Comp Study #1

A few weeks ago, we showed the final draft of our first comp study. You can watch mine below. For this study, our task was to focus on weight: choreograph the weight, follow the weight, let the weight create the meaning. Allowing the dance tell the story, not the text or the character of the […]

Jonathan Burrows wisdom

Choreographer Jonathan Burrows wrote a fantastic guide to choreography called A Choreographer’s Handbook.¬†What I love about the book is that Burrows never puts forward any “right” way to make dances. There are many options, and some of them will work for the dances you make, and some of them won’t, and some of them will […]