“Endings”: a section I really like

Josh, Rachel, Savannah, and Joda developed text and movement solos a few weeks ago that we’ve been using in a quartet. Each time I watch this section, I think: I love this part. And then I think: why? Because it’s weird…is that an answer? I like that the dancers speak to each other, that the text isn’t left in the air, but is engaged. I like that the dancers have their own thing going on, but they also relate to the group. I like that the energy spikes quickly and then dissipates. I really like that the dancers giggle, and that after Rachel’s more introspective solo, Savannah pops up into hers with a different energy and attention. I haven’t totally figured out why these drastic changes in mood happen, but I’m trying to trust my instincts that there is something to it that speaks to endings.

There is also something for me to the hyperactive nature of the text in contrast to the group’s physical decision making. Even though the text is scattered and personal, the physical shifts in tone are shared.

I’ve realized that the way I really like to work is to have the dancers generate a lot of material, stitch that together, and then loosen the seams. In this section, as well as the “this is the end” section that closes out the video below, I could spend time (and will, when school starts) building out these sequences by pulling them apart and inserting some form of the material that we’ve been working on in other sections. Tonight, we will begin at the end: I’m going to start with the moment when the dancers are all huddled together and play with what text and movement ideas emerge from that “head in the sand” moment.


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