Monthly Archives: March 2015

Let’s make a dance real quick

This afternoon, I worked with OSU Dance BFA students Emily Gaffga, Ca’la Henderson, Maddie Mazzola, Charlotte Stickles, and Erin Yen to try out some ideas for a choreographic residency I have next week with The Collective in Baltimore. We worked for 90 minutes and ended up with a five minute dance. I didn’t really have […]

Translation duets #1: background

In Dr. Bench’s course, Bodies on the Line, we are designing final projects that line up with our professional goals. My goals post-graduation: make, teach, and perform dance work. So, for my final project, I’m analyzing one already-created duet, and developing two new duets that illuminate some of the fundamental materials of dance training and dance-making: repetition, translation, interchangeability, and the body as an archive of experiences and training histories.

Notes on performing

Despite having declared to a few close friends that I was “done with dance” last fall, I’ve performed quite a bit this semester: I showed a new solo called Virginia in OSU’s Winter Concert in January, performed in Ani Javian’s MFA project Elsewhere in early February, and last weekend, me and MFA Tammy Carrasco premiered a new duet in […]