“Full Will”

On January 28-30 I presented my MFA project, Full Will. I’ll be putting up more musings about the process and performance in the next few weeks as I write my final comprehensive exam about the project, but in the meantime, here are pictures:

Full Will was performed at a great downtown gallery, Urban Arts Space. The cast was made up of an incredible group of OSU undergrad BFA students: Tim Bendernagel, Serena Chang, Emily Gaffga, Cole Henry Jones, Madeline Mazzola, Chloe Napoletano, Asha Whitfield, Erin Yen, and understudies Dani Kfoury (rehearsal assistant) and Molly Stack. The set design was by visual artist and fellow UMD alum Leah Frankel and the sound design was by my dear friend Stowe Nelson, who used Caroline Shaw’s “Partita: III. Courante” performed by Roomful of Teeth.


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