Rehearsal 2

This post is part of a longer series documenting the process of creating a lecture demonstration entitled “Movement moves: translating dance” which will be presented at the CORD/SDHS joint conference at The Ohio State University in October, 2017. You can view other posts from this series here

In our second rehearsal, Charles and I started with an improvisation designed to break us out of our normal movement patterns and expand our choreographic choice-making. Then we went straight into developing “challenge” phrases for ourselves. I want each of us to have solo material that is complex and demanding, and I think Charles gets close to this for him. I saw him do things this phrase he’s never done before physically and dynamically. Mine, though…I don’t know. I found myself questioning my choices a lot in this assignment. Even though I was working against some of my preferences for circular movement and initiation points, I think I could go further into complexity.

Here’s Charles’ “challenge” phrase:

And here’s mine:

We also worked on our “action/reaction” duet that we started last week. Charles changed his floor material to standing, and I like how a certain rhythm is developing:

Not a lot of big discoveries this week, but Charles did say something that we’re going to dig into on Thursday: choreographic dissonance.


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