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One second later

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by in an MFA program. I’m heading into my final semester of the MFA in Dance at The Ohio State University and I’ll graduate in early May. Between preparing for my MFA project (presented at Urban Arts Space just a few weeks ago) and looking for jobs, I knew that […]

“Full Will”

On January 28-30 I presented my MFA project, Full Will. I’ll be putting up more musings about the process and performance in the next few weeks as I write my final comprehensive exam about the project, but in the meantime, here are pictures: Full Will was performed at a great downtown gallery, Urban Arts Space. The cast […]

Bodies on and off the line

In Dr. Bench’s graduate seminar, “Bodies on the Line” this semester, there was a moment, when, rather organically, someone used the title of our course in a class discussion. The phrase was probably something like, “those protestors were actually putting their bodies on the line.” We laughed, because it was bound to happen: the course […]

Three hours with SITI company

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal for the theater is a blank page, Anne Bogart/SITI Company’s and Ann Hamilton’s new collaborative work. My friend Darron L West is SITI Company’s sound designer, and he and I worked together when I danced for Liz Lerman prior to grad school. He invited me to attend […]

Notes on performing

Despite having declared to a few close friends that I was “done with dance” last fall, I’ve performed quite a bit this semester: I showed a new solo called Virginia in OSU’s Winter Concert in January, performed in Ani Javian’s MFA project Elsewhere in early February, and last weekend, me and MFA Tammy Carrasco premiered a new duet in […]

The making of “Will The Real Anna Massey”

For our first group assignment in Intermedia, we made a self-portrait of a member of our lab group. My group includes me, and first year MFA students John Luna and Anna Massey. We chose to make a portrait of Anna. After asking Anna just a few basic questions about her life and how she felt about […]

Comp study: Density

I’m taking Susan Petry’s portion of our autumn graduate composition course right now (Susan Rethorst arrives on September 23rd) and we showed our final draft of our first studies today. We began last week by creating four movements (that’s a loose term) and then inserting four more, and then inserting eight more into that. We […]