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“Endings”: The end, for now

I wrapped up rehearsals for my independent study in choreography last week, and I’ve been writing quite a bit about what I learned from the process. It was incredibly useful, with one year down in my MFA program, to have the time in the studio with a wonderful group of collaborators who helped me clarify […]

“Endings”: building

Our last rehearsal for the summer was last night, and I decided to create a new section that pulled material out of other things the dancers made during July. We created a 8 minute section that I’m really excited about–it just feels like we get closer to something (something!) with each rehearsal.   Here’s how […]

“Endings”: what is it about watching?

I’ve made many dances in which the dancers stand and watch each other. Usually, there is some section that involves a group or person standing still, watching a group or person do something more physical. In rehearsal this week, I formalized this, having the dancers actually sit at the front of the stage in chairs […]

“Endings”: a section I really like

Josh, Rachel, Savannah, and Joda developed text and movement solos a few weeks ago that we’ve been using in a quartet. Each time I watch this section, I think: I love this part. And then I think: why? Because it’s weird…is that an answer? I like that the dancers speak to each other, that the […]

“Endings”: July 14 rehearsal

Here is a compilation of clips collected from our rehearsal on July 14. We’ll be returning to this material in our rehearsal tonight, and digging further into the relationship between text and movement, and the phrasing of each. I’m particular interested in the duet with Joda and Savannah that starts off as incoherent, and moves […]

Using LMA to coach dancers

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation for my midterm in Melanie Bales’ Dance Dynamics class on how I used Laban Movement Analysis, specifically in regards to effort qualities, to coach one of my dancers. I focused specifically on space (direct/indirect), weight (strong/light), and time (sudden/sustained). In coaching dancers, I tend to focus less […]