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Rehearsal 2

This post is part of a longer series documenting the process of creating a lecture demonstration entitled “Movement moves: translating dance” which will be presented at the CORD/SDHS joint conference at The Ohio State University in October, 2017. You can view other posts from this series here.  In our second rehearsal, Charles and I started […]

“Your Participation Required: Participatory Strategies in Performance”

In much of my past choreographic work, I’ve explored strategies for audience participation out of an interest in blurring the lines between discrete groups or events, looking for commonality between spectator and performer, process and product, maker and consumer. Finding the common ground, for me, has frequently come from placing physical experience at the center, […]

Reading Anne Lamott….

From Help Thanks Wow, The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott: In art, we feel the breath of the invisible, of the eternal–which Elie Wiesel described in Night as ‘that time when question and answer would become ONE.’ Wow, what horror that man saw, and what beauty, truth, and silence he still managed to create from it. In […]