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Dancing and Not Dancing

Since my last post, I had ACL surgery, finished my comprehensive exams, got engaged, graduated from OSU’s MFA in Dance program, got a job, got married, and moved into an apartment with my husband. I can’t help but say it: life is strange. I think sometimes about how any one of those moments could have […]

“Molly and Nancy”

This fall, I started working on a duet with Nancy Morcos and Molly Stack, both students in my contemporary class at OSU this fall. Nancy is a Program 60 student who takes two dance classes a semester, and Molly is a freshman BFA student. We are early in our process, but I wanted to share […]

Translation duets #2: translating between bodies

Part of what prompted my project was Anna Deveare Smith’s performance Crossing the Lines at the Hemispheric Institute’s annual seminar in 2002. Smith is known for her embodiment of others’ experiences through her one-woman shows, in which she often plays multiple characters, each navigating the American experience differently.

Let’s make a dance real quick

This afternoon, I worked with OSU Dance BFA students Emily Gaffga, Ca’la Henderson, Maddie Mazzola, Charlotte Stickles, and Erin Yen to try out some ideas for a choreographic residency I have next week with The Collective in Baltimore. We worked for 90 minutes and ended up with a five minute dance. I didn’t really have […]