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“Your Participation Required: Participatory Strategies in Performance”

In much of my past choreographic work, I’ve explored strategies for audience participation out of an interest in blurring the lines between discrete groups or events, looking for commonality between spectator and performer, process and product, maker and consumer. Finding the common ground, for me, has frequently come from placing physical experience at the center, […]

“Endings”: building

Our last rehearsal for the summer was last night, and I decided to create a new section that pulled material out of other things the dancers made during July. We created a 8 minute section that I’m really excited about–it just feels like we get closer to something (something!) with each rehearsal.   Here’s how […]

“Endings”: summer influences

Last week, I participated in the Taking Place residency here in Columbus. Organized by soon-to-be MFA candidate and Columbus dancer/choreographer/mover & shaker Nicole Garlando, the festival brought together five artists for a two-week period to develop new work on local dancers. The choreographers: KJ Holmes (NYC), Peter Kyle (NYC), Coco Loupe (Baton Rouge), Bebe Miller […]

Flash mobs, the internet, and common ground

Last spring, my cousin’s wife came to DC (where I lived at the time) for a conference. Meghann works for a Minnesota-based non-profit called TXT4LIFE, which promotes suicide prevention and awareness. While she was in town, she and her co-workers mentioned that they  wanted to stage a flash mob in Canal Park in Duluth, MN. […]


In my Graduate Seminar course this semester, we developed “mock” proposals for our MFA projects. As you may know, these culminating projects take place in our third year of school, so starting our proposals in our first semester may seem a little bit early. The idea is that we’ll be prepared, through this practice round, […]

What do we call it?

This post was originally published on Dance Exchange’s blog on June 19, 2013.   In early May, Shula and I spent a week in Edmonton, Alberta. We facilitated workshops with three groups there, all at the forefront of community art-making in Edmonton. These groups we worked closely with–an intergenerational acting troupe and an integrated dance […]