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“Virginia” rehearsal

I’m working on a solo called Virginia that will appear in the Winter Concert in the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University in February. The work developed out of a series of assignments in my graduate composition course this fall, beginning with Susan Petry’s “density” study assignment. Susan Rethorst, a visiting artist in […]

What dance knows before I do

I’m not the superstitious type, but I’ve had a handful of instances now that I’ve been thinking of like this: “dance as premonition.” By this I mean dances I’ve made that have articulated feelings or beliefs of mine before I’ve articulated them into words. I didn’t set out to make dances about these particular subjects, or […]

“Endings” and a few rambling side notes

We did a lot on July 9. This actually isn’t even all of it! But, what I’m showing in the video is some more development of the chair material created by Emma and Joda, Joda’s solo in front of chairs scooting backwards (they make a great sound), and Rachel’s solo against a partial mirror by […]

Process: second rehearsal + retrograde

Kat, Daniel and I met again this week to work on the duet we started two weeks ago. I spent some solo time in the studio prior to our meeting retrograding the base phrase I taught them from the solo I developed in Weight Studies this semester. Usually, retrograding is a task I would be […]

Process: a new duet!

Last week, I started a new duet on dance majors Daniel Diller (junior) and Kat Sauma (senior). I met both of them at Bates Dance Festival in 2012, and I’m really happy now to dance alongside them in OSU’s dance department. I began the rehearsal by teaching them some phrase material that I pulled from […]

Shifting the wonder

This post was originally published on Dance Exchange’s blog on June 27, 2013.  As a young dancer, I dreamt of joining a dance company, going on tour, performing. All I wanted was to be A Professional Dancer. I was fortunate enough to find my way to Dance Exchange right after college, and discovered a place that nurtures […]

What do we call it?

This post was originally published on Dance Exchange’s blog on June 19, 2013.   In early May, Shula and I spent a week in Edmonton, Alberta. We facilitated workshops with three groups there, all at the forefront of community art-making in Edmonton. These groups we worked closely with–an intergenerational acting troupe and an integrated dance […]