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Rehearsal to the max

This semester, I’m working on three different performances pieces: 1. A duet with Daniel Diller and Kat Sauma 2. A solo with Abby Carlozzo 3. A solo for myself I’ve never worked on three choreographic performance projects of my own at once, but I’m pushing myself to do it this semester to: find distinctions among […]

Back in rehearsal

After the holiday break, I’m back at OSU and back in rehearsal. Daniel Diller and I worked together last week on some new material. I’m looking at the duet we made last semester with Kat Sauma as our frame that we’ll work in and out of as we create this semester. Daniel and I started […]

“Now is a good time to wait for you”

This semester, I’ve been documenting the process of creating a duet with Daniel Diller and Kat Sauma. We began work in late October, and we showed our duet in the department’s end-of-the-semester “informance” last week. This duet began as a solo that I created on myself in Bebe Miller’s Weight Studies class. (Side note: I […]

Process: second rehearsal + retrograde

Kat, Daniel and I met again this week to work on the duet we started two weeks ago. I spent some solo time in the studio prior to our meeting retrograding the base phrase I taught them from the solo I developed in Weight Studies this semester. Usually, retrograding is a task I would be […]

Process: a new duet!

Last week, I started a new duet on dance majors Daniel Diller (junior) and Kat Sauma (senior). I met both of them at Bates Dance Festival in 2012, and I’m really happy now to dance alongside them in OSU’s dance department. I began the rehearsal by teaching them some phrase material that I pulled from […]