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In my Graduate Seminar course this semester, we developed “mock” proposals for our MFA projects. As you may know, these culminating projects take place in our third year of school, so starting our proposals in our first semester may seem a little bit early. The idea is that we’ll be prepared, through this practice round, […]

Dances before dances 2: annotated

I started capturing the dances emerging around me this fall at OSU on my iPhone. I’m always looking for dances, which I define broadly as the relationship between bodies and objects in space.  (When you think of dance that way, you’ll start to see it everywhere, too.) As a high school student, I began to […]

Snappy film

In my Graduate Seminar course this fall, faculty member  Mitchell Rose made a guest appearance to teach us basic camera and Final Cut editing skills. We were tasked to make a short film using “found” footage, and this is what I created. Some of it is certainly more staged than found, and I enjoyed piecing […]