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Translation duets #7: translating to voice

After learning that the way Daniel liked to move was connected to dancing at concerts, I had him annotate his re-creation of his physical actions at a concert while performing them for me in the studio. I loved the intensity of it, how Daniel could really lose himself in the movement, at moments describing the scene, and at others describing his physical or emotional experiences. Here are sections of Daniel’s improvised text and movement. He’s listening to a song called “I’m Not Part of Me” by Cloud Nothings.


Translation duets #5: Hypertranslation

I will post more thoughts comparing translation in language and dance in a later post, but I want to talk briefly about the notion of “hypertranslation” in relation to attempting to learn “the language” of another dancer. A classmate of mine mentioned “hypertranslation” as a way I might be able to draw out more of how Quilan and I differ as movers. (You can see an earlier post about this subject here.) I found that French philosopher Alain Badiou did a hypertranslation of Plato’s Republic in 2013, designed not to be faithful to the original, but to open it up. In the introduction to Badiou’s version, Kenneth Reinhard writes,

Translation duets #4: How I know I’m not you (part 2)

What came to mind as I re-watched my improvisation with Quilan and listened to our conversation is interpellation, Louis Althusser’s explanation of how individuals become subjects through recognition by another. In Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses, Althusser writes that …ideology ‘acts’ or ‘functions’ in such a way that it ‘recruits’ subjects among the individuals (it recruits them all), or […]

Translation duets #3: How I know I’m not you (part 1)

When Quilan and I met for our first rehearsal, I wasn’t sure exactly how much information to give him about my project. I told him we’d be making a duet, and that I was interested in how our training impacts the way we make movement and improvise.

Translation duets #2: translating between bodies

Part of what prompted my project was Anna Deveare Smith’s performance Crossing the Lines at the Hemispheric Institute’s annual seminar in 2002. Smith is known for her embodiment of others’ experiences through her one-woman shows, in which she often plays multiple characters, each navigating the American experience differently.

Back in rehearsal

After the holiday break, I’m back at OSU and back in rehearsal. Daniel Diller and I worked together last week on some new material. I’m looking at the duet we made last semester with Kat Sauma as our frame that we’ll work in and out of as we create this semester. Daniel and I started […]