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Translation duets #8: Making phrases

It was interesting to work inside someone else’s physicality but make movement that reflected both my sensibilities and Daniel’s sensibilities. As we crafted this section, I really tried to become more and more like Daniel every time we did it, without sacrificing my physical range, or my instincts as a dancer with a lot of training in a particular style. As perhaps an answer to my questions about empathy in my last post, it may be that learning how to be Daniel without losing my self to “Daniel-ness” is a way to honor both of our contributions to the process.


Three hours with SITI company

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal for the theater is a blank page, Anne Bogart/SITI Company’s and Ann Hamilton’s new collaborative work. My friend Darron L West is SITI Company’s sound designer, and he and I worked together when I danced for Liz Lerman prior to grad school. He invited me to attend […]

“Endings” and a few rambling side notes

We did a lot on July 9. This actually isn’t even all of it! But, what I’m showing in the video is some more development of the chair material created by Emma and Joda, Joda’s solo in front of chairs scooting backwards (they make a great sound), and Rachel’s solo against a partial mirror by […]


In my Graduate Seminar course this semester, we developed “mock” proposals for our MFA projects. As you may know, these culminating projects take place in our third year of school, so starting our proposals in our first semester may seem a little bit early. The idea is that we’ll be prepared, through this practice round, […]

Less precious.

Last week, I had the first three days of class of the first year of my MFA in Dance at The Ohio State University. By Thursday (classes started on Wednesday), I felt like I’d been in class for weeks, and as I walked home, a thought jarred my brain: why am I here? What am I doing […]

Shifting the wonder

This post was originally published on Dance Exchange’s blog on June 27, 2013.  As a young dancer, I dreamt of joining a dance company, going on tour, performing. All I wanted was to be A Professional Dancer. I was fortunate enough to find my way to Dance Exchange right after college, and discovered a place that nurtures […]