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Notes on performing

Despite having declared to a few close friends that I was “done with dance” last fall, I’ve performed quite a bit this semester: I showed a new solo called Virginia in OSU’s Winter Concert in January, performed in Ani Javian’s MFA project Elsewhere in early February, and last weekend, me and MFA Tammy Carrasco premiered a new duet in […]

“Virginia” rehearsal

I’m working on a solo called Virginia that will appear in the Winter Concert in the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University in February. The work developed out of a series of assignments in my graduate composition course this fall, beginning with Susan Petry’s “density” study assignment. Susan Rethorst, a visiting artist in […]

Comp study: Density

I’m taking Susan Petry’s portion of our autumn graduate composition course right now (Susan Rethorst arrives on September 23rd) and we showed our final draft of our first studies today. We began last week by creating four movements (that’s a loose term) and then inserting four more, and then inserting eight more into that. We […]

Why it is what it is

In Bebe Miller’s comp class, we are continuing to work on our studies on “drive”, but letting them breathe out a bit beyond just the task of addressing “drive” through movement. That was never really the only task, because throughout this class, we’ve talked about the idea of context and content emerging from movement, rather […]

Comp study #2: Drive (DRAFT)

In Bebe Miller’s Weight Studies class, we are working on “drive”. In my first version of “drive”, I practiced a sort of reckless, out-of-control, risky-weight kind of drive. After watching Jodi Melnick and Vicky Shick’s version of “drive” in a section of this Susan Rethorst piece in class last week, and improvising in class around […]