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Translation duets #11: On translation, and some conclusions

Here’s the thing: dance is hard. With any body. Among many bodies. Trained, untrained. Similar, really different. The physical act of moving with someone, of coordinating actions and kinesthetic responses and timing and detail and intention between two fundamentally discontinuous human beings is difficult.


Translation duets #9: Tammy and Sarah

This duet investigates the “borders” between postmodern and modern ideologies as they exist in Carrasco and Levitt’s eclectically trained bodies. The duet arose out of an exploration of choreographic choice-making in relation to dance history and training backgrounds. Carrasco and Levitt posit a series of questions in Semi-Formal: “How do our choreographic choices reflect borders and delineations of modern and post-modern ideologies as embodied history? How do we locate our own, individual identities within these Euro-centric principles? How does Semi-Formal ultimately create a set of value systems of its own?” In performance, Semi-Formal posits a series of questions and leaves space for audiences to interpret answers.

Translation duets #1: background

In Dr. Bench’s course, Bodies on the Line, we are designing final projects that line up with our professional goals. My goals post-graduation: make, teach, and perform dance work. So, for my final project, I’m analyzing one already-created duet, and developing two new duets that illuminate some of the fundamental materials of dance training and dance-making: repetition, translation, interchangeability, and the body as an archive of experiences and training histories.

Notes on performing

Despite having declared to a few close friends that I was “done with dance” last fall, I’ve performed quite a bit this semester: I showed a new solo called Virginia in OSU’s Winter Concert in January, performed in Ani Javian’s MFA project Elsewhere in early February, and last weekend, me and MFA Tammy Carrasco premiered a new duet in […]

A few videos by Noelle Bohaty

One of the really fun things about being in school at OSU is dancing for my friends as they make their film projects for Mitchell Rose’s Dance Film I class. I’ve danced in three of fellow first year MFA Noelle Bohaty’s films so far, and she is incredibly clear in her direction, and very decisive […]